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Warriors Fantasy Football League

Rule Book!

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Table of Contents

  1. How it works ... 
  2. The Draft ... 
  3. Starting Line-up ... 
  4. Scoring ... 
  5. Waivers, Trades, & Injuries ...
  6. Playoffs ... 
  7. Prizes  ... 

How it works ...

You have a fantasy pro football team that you have drafted and will manage. Your team will receive points in different areas each week. Assuming the league has 12 teams, teams will be divided into 3 divisions (If 10 teams, we will only have 2 divisions). Competition will be head-to-head. Tie breaker will be determined by adding total yardage of starting QB, RB, & WR. You will play every team in your division twice and play other teams outside your division once. Schedules will be handed out before the season begins. We will have 3 division winners and 2 wildcard teams advance to the playoffs. Week 16 will be our SuperBowl weekend.

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The Draft ...

The season will start with a snake draft and the draft order will be decided before draft day. At draft day every manager must be present in order to choose the players that they will have on their team. There will be 14 rounds (14 picks) in the draft. The manager will have 1-3 minutes to make a pick or lose their turn. Please make up a name for your team and have it on draft day. No pay no play, so bring your money!

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Starting Line-up ...

Your weekly line-up must have:

1 Quarterback
2 Running backs
3 Wide Receivers
1 Kicker
1 defensive/special teams

This line-up must be given to the commissioner prior to the first game of that week. If no new line-up is given, then the previous line-up will be used.

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Scoring ...

The weekly scoring system will be as follows:

6pts for TD
12pts for 50+ yard TD
2pts for every 25 yards
2pts for PAT

6pts for TD
9pts for 50+ yard TD
1pts for every 25 yards
2pts for PAT

6pts for TD
9pts for 50+ yard TD
3pts for every 100 yards
2pts for PAT
-3pts for interceptions

3pts for FG
6pts for 45+ yard FG
1pt for PAT

Defensive/Special team:
6pts for TD
1pt for sack
2pt for interception
1pt for fumble recovery
12pts for shut out

(Note:Ex:If D.Sanders takes a punt for a TD, Sanders gets 6pts & Def. gets 6pts)

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Waivers, Trades, & Injuries ...

For the first 7 weeks of the season you can pick any players/teams from the unsigned pool or trade with other teams. These transactions must be submitted to the commissioner and all team managers prior to the first game of that week. Failure will result in forfeiting that weeks pts. Any player listed in Thursdays injury report as "Doubtful" or "Out" is eligible to be dropped from your roster the following week. You may replace the injured player with players from the unsigned pool. Injury replacements may occur up until week 13. The injured player goes back into the pool and may be claimed by another team. Stacking teams is prohibited and determined by a majority vote from the managers.

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Playoffs ... 

The regular season will consist of 13 games. The first place team in each of the 3 divisions will be division champs and advance to the playoffs. The 2 teams that have the best overall record & are not division champions will receive Wildcard berths. Wildcard ties will be broken by the total points scored during the regular season. Next would be a coin flip.

Playoff spot assignment:

Game 14:
Wildcard Game

Game 15:
Division champion w/ best record VS. Wildcard winner
Division champion w/ 2nd best record VS. Division champion w/ 3rd best record

Game 16 (SuperBowl):
The 2 teams that won in Game 15 will play each other. The team with the highest score winning the SuperBowl.

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Prizes  ...

The prizes will be divided as follows:

40% SuperBowl winner
20% SuperBowl loser
10% Division Champions
5% Wildcard teams

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