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             14 & Under
Time Limit 1.45 no new inning after 1.35 (championship = )
Run Rule 15 after 3 innings or 8 after 5 innings      Runs (+ or - )
Bracket Team Name City Name Win Loss Game 1 Game 2 Total
A1 Express San Antonio          
A2 Pirates Houston          
A3 Indians Mesquite          
B1 Alamo San Antonio          
B2 Kats Kerrville          
B3 MudBugs Houston          
C1 Rebels San Antonio          
C2 RR Warriors New Braunfels          
D1 Ripple Red Sox San Antonio          
D2 Capitol City Bombers Austin          
E1 Stars San Antonio          
E2 Knights San Antonio          
F1 Barons Boerne          
F2 Longhorns San Antonio          
Game Day Field Score Team vs Team Score Time
1 Thursday Holy Cross     B1 vs B2   6:00p
2 Thursday Antonian     E1 vs F2   6:00p
3 Friday SASB #1     E2 vs F1   6:00p
4 Friday Antonian     C1 vs D1   6:00p
5 Saturday SASB #1     A1 vs A3   8:00a
6 Saturday Antonian     C2 vs D2   8:00a
7 Saturday SASB #1     B2 vs B3   10:00a
8 Saturday Antonian     E1 vs F1   10:00a
9 Saturday SASB #1     E2 vs F2   12:00
10 Saturday Antonian     A1 vs A2   12:00
11 Saturday SASB #1     B1 vs B3   2:00p
12 Saturday Antonian     C1 vs D2   2:00p
13 Saturday SASB #1     A2 vs A3   4:00p
14 Saturday Antonian     C2 vs D1   4:00p
15 Saturday Antonian     G15   6:00p
16 Saturday SASB #1     G16   6:00p
17 Sunday Antonian     G17   8:00a
18 Sunday SASB #1     G18   8:00a
19 Sunday Holy Cross     G19   8:00a
20 Sunday Antonian     G20   10:00a
21 Sunday SASB #1     G21   10:00a
22 Sunday Holy Cross     G22   10:00a
23 Sunday Antonian     G23   12:00
24 Sunday SASB #1     G24   12:00
25 Sunday Antonian     G25   2:00p
26 Sunday SASB #1     G26   2:00p
Champ Sunday SASB #1     G27   5:00p
Seeding Procedures IMPORTANT: Point differential maximum
1. Win - loss record in pool play 1. Forfeits will be scored 7 - 0
2. Head to Head between tied teams 2. Maximum run spread per game is 7
3. Total point differential     regardless of score
4. Runs allowed Tie Breaker System: Runner who made last out goes to
5. Runs Scored second.Tie breaker only used in elimination games