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Have you ever seen a sand pile as white as the driven snow? How about playing in one? Here is you chance. Nelson International Auctioneers, Inc. Dallas, TX has been commissioned to sell a corporaton which controls the mineral rights, by way of government land leases, to a $3.5 billion sand pile. See Auction Information at our Web Site, Washington Silica, Inc. controls the mineral rights to some 20 leases in Millard County Utah. Millard County is located approximately one hundred-twenty-five miles southwest of Salt Lake City.

Silica sand is used in the production of flat glass, container glass, specialty glass and windshields, as foundry sand, in ceramics and refractors, as fillers and extenders in paint, plastic and sealant industries, in fiberglass and specialty fabrics and abrasive cleansers.

What makes this opportunity unique is that there are no significant producers of silica in the 11 western states. Almost all of the silica sand used in the West Coast production is shipped some 2000 miles from Midwest and Southern production facilites.

The very conservative estimated tonnage of available silica by Geologists is 350M tons. At a price range of anywhere from $19 to $70 per ton this parcel could produce from $3.25 billion to $12.25 billion.

Only readily accessible surface deposits were considered. No open pit type excavation were considered, which greatly reduces the disturbance to the environment. Future rehabilitation of mined area should be minimal or unnecessary.

The value of the leases can be used as a collateral for investment in almost anything-even the capital nedded to start-up mining operations. In a geological report about the site, Geologist Roger George said "The WSI lode claim groups has excellent reserves of high purity (99+%) silica, which borders on uniqueness."

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