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Army Green  

Navy Blue:
                           A Military Wife's Journal
By Helen Jackson

An entertaining and spiritually uplifting
story of God's working in the lives
of a woman and her family

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For years Helen searched for a book witnessing to the truth that God was in control of her military family's physical and emotional upheavals. Finding none, she's shared glimpses of her adventures and stories of personal inner struggle. Her upbeat observations will warm your heart. Liberally sprinkled with scripture, Army Green, Navy Blue will encourage you.



...  as a family ventures from their stable, emotionally secure home to strange new places with unfamiliar, military faces...
Torn from a farming community in central Indiana, the only home they've ever known, Helen and her family head 1,000 miles southwest to Fort Hood, Texas.  It is 1967, and her husband Mike has joined the Army.It is the first of many moves, Army personnel packing and carting away their belongings, some never to be seen again-some seen only after a prolonged battle to regain them. Over the next 20-odd years, Helen will experience the bittersweet joy of making new friends, knowing she won't long enjoy their company. Yet lasting friendships never fade with age...

...  a woman travels life's pathway from youth, marriage, and babies to the rewards of graceful retirement and being a grandparent...
When they first find themselves part of the Army family, Helen and Mike have two daughters-Kathy, age 2-1/2, and Kristy, age 10 months. With the birth of Rick, five years later, their own family is complete. Throughout the years of Army moves, the children grow up with all the normal-and some not so usual- problems. As kids do, Mike and Helen's grow up and leave home. Arriving finally at retirement, back in central Texas, Helen rejoices in her close and happy family, especially her grandchildren. And so she settles down to write her memoirs with the hope of inspiring young military wives such as she once was.  The result is her first book, Army Green, Navy Blue.

...  and a Christian woman struggles through inward rebellion to spiritual maturity and acceptance of God's will in her life...
Helen's story, worthwhile reading in itself, is enriched throughout with Bible scriptures and her own personal testimony about God's working in her spirit, mind and body. She is, has long been, a Christian; but she realizes and bears witness that, pray as one might, the way of the Christian is not always sublime. Helen shows that submission to God doesn't always come easily to the Christian's heart and mind, but proclaims that the rewards are worth the struggle once peaceful acceptance triumphs.

     Come share with Helen the joys and tragedies of her journey; let her help you renew your spirit.




In her down-to-earth style, Helen Sayre Jackson tells her story with humor, grace, and dignity, sharing events in her life to deliver a message of hope and joy.

Dedicated to young military wives, this small volume will make a treasured addition to anyone's library of Christian literature.

Army Green, Navy Blue is the story of Helen and her family, neighbors, and military friends all over the world.


Helen Sayre Jackson


"....In glancing through it, I can sense that the Lord has been with you every step of the way and that you have written this book under His direction.   I know that He will get it into the hands of those who most need it."
Corporate Headquarters,  Dallas, Texas
"Army Green, Navy Blue should be required reading for all spouses stepping on a post or base the first time!"
Retired Army Wife, Mississippi
April,1996: "My husband is on his first six-month (Naval) Deployment...Chapter 2 of your book could have been written about me!  I now see this separation in a new light."
"Army Green, Navy Blue is very comfortable, warm and flows are so generous to share your thoughts and life with us so intimately.  I'm sure it will be a source of blessing to many young Army wives, even as it is to us   `middle-agers'.".
Fort Hood, Texas
"It was wonderful and sounded just like you were in the room with me...I hope you continue to share your experiences and life with others through your writing."

Obtain your copy for only $10.00 postpaid.  Send check or money order to:
Helen Jackson
30100 Wing Foot Cove
Georgetown, TX 78628

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